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The Style You Want, The Comfort you Need

Custom designed, Custom-made Footwear

Handcrafted by Rock Bay Footwear™

Shoemakers and Designers

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Why Custom Footwear?

Unique shoes, boots and sandals customized to fit your style!

Custom Design

We offer a variety of styles and leathers.


Our shoes are hand crafted to your feet. We can accommodate widths AA to EE. Read More…


Did you know? Over 80% of us buy footwear that does not fit properly, which can potentially cause a range of foot problems. In fact, many of our foot problems originate from wearing ill-fitting shoes during childhood. At RBF, our shoe making experts measure each foot for proper fit and comfort.

Combining Art and Science for the Finest Footwear

Rock Bay Footwear™ offers a rare combination of custom designed, custom made handcrafted footwear. This is possible because our shoemakers have a rare combination of skills; they learned the art of shoemaking first and then the science of orthopedic shoemaking.

Orthopedic shoemaking demands precision as footwear and appliances, such as orthotics, are designed and handcrafted specifically for each foot not just each patient. Great care is given to each patient’s foot problems and how they can best be accommodated through proper design and use of footwear materials.

Our Styles

At Rock Bay Footwear™ our designers are coming up with new styles all the time. We are particularly interested in your style ideas, and our team is delighted to integrate your suggestions into our designs whenever possible.

Our desire to meet each customer’s distinctive style preferences inspired our business from the beginning and continues to set us apart from others in the industry. For more about our early days and our experience with customer satisfaction, please enjoy our video (to the left).