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Custom Designed Shoes: Your Style - Your Comfort - Your Way.

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What can you do for your Naked Boots?

Change the look of your boots without changing your boots. Add new style with custom-made spats.

Geta Sandals

The Japanese know that the secret to a smiling face is happy feet.

Now you and your feet can be comfortable in your handcrafted Japanese Geta sandals from Rock Bay Footwear Designs. You can choose from a selection of beautiful fabrics or leather and Tomoko Coolican will design the Geta to suit your style.

Call Rock Bay Footwear today to book a time to choose your fabric or leather for the straps and get ready to smile.

There is an extra smile that comes with the price - only $88

You love our boots! You love our shoes! This summer you'll really LOVE our sandals. You choose the leathers, the colours, the fabrics and the heel. Handcrafted for men and women to provide comfort all season long. From $88+

Why Custom Footwear?

Unique shoes, boots and sandals customized to fit your style!

Custom Design

We offer a variety of styles and leathers.


Our shoes are hand crafted to your feet. We can accommodate widths AA to EE. Read More...


Did you know? Over 80% of us buy footwear that does not fit properly, which can potentially cause a range of foot problems. In fact, many of our foot problems originate from wearing ill-fitting shoes during childhood. At RBF, our shoe making experts measure each foot for proper fit and comfort.

Rock Bay Footwear Designs Inc. designs and handcrafts fashionable custom-made footwear with an emphasis on comfort.
They specialize in orthopedic footwear with close attention given to the aesthetic quality and style preferences of their customers.